About us
                                                                                                                                        Sunset Tropical Guppies strives to put quality over quantity. Most of our livestock is raised and grown on-site, in a separate breeding facility. Some will also be provided by private local breeders, with very few potentially coming from the wholesale market.

Sunset Tropical Guppies does not sell equipment or products that it cannot vouch for. If we never have or do not currently use a piece of equipment or product in our aquariums, Sunset Tropical Guppies will not sell it, period.

Sunset Tropical Guppies also prides itself in buying from reputable sources. This includes high quality stock for breeding and resale. This will insure to provide healthy and beautiful aquatic life for our customers' viewing enjoyment.

Sunset Tropical Guppies will offer advice to our customers, concerning the setup and maintenance of their home aquariums. Doing our best to help them plan their ideal aquarium setup.

           Our System       
                                                                                                                                              At Sunset Tropical Guppies we raise our livestock in optimal conditions in a naturalized environment that contains live water and plants. The tanks have continuous water circulation through them at all times, flowing into various filtration systems. These filtration systems contain filter media such as bio balls and poly-fiber filter pads to remove excess nitrogen that is caused by waste materials in the water. The clean water is then recycled back into the aquariums. This is very close to natural conditions that are found in the wild, without the inclusion of predators and parasites.